Sacred Relationships

OPEN YOUR HEART AND FIND YOUR SOUL MIRROR Understand that all relationships are sacred, not only your intimate one but your relationship with All. Humans, plants, animals, non-humans, physical, non-physical and so on. And the most Sacred Relationship of all, is with your own soul. That is it. Creating a harmonious relationship with your soul... Continue Reading →


Illumination and Ascension

Dearest Ones, so many of you wonder about the shift occurring on Planet Earth. There is talk of ascension which is an expansion of consciousness. What you may not be aware of is the Illumination. Dearest Ones, as you begin to transform into higher frequencies, your cells and DNA become more and more Illuminated. As... Continue Reading →

Self-Love and Self-Empowerment

Each time you make the choice of a victim, you experience victimhood. Each time you make the choice of self-love, you experience self-empowerment. That is the difference between a Being that is awake and one who is not yet awakened. And do not think about the other or others. Make that choice for you, as... Continue Reading →

Evolve Your DNA with Solar Light

Connect with Solar Light in one or more of the following ways to expand your consciousness and raise your frequency/vibration: Greet the Solar Light today as a living, loving being. Receive a special ray of light from it directly into your heart center to awaken it. Call Solar Light to you and create a cocoon of... Continue Reading →

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