The Breath of Union and Kundalini Awakening Video Lessons

In these videos, Solara An-Ra channels the Councils of Light and Babaji.

There are 9 lessons:

  1. Energy Awareness & Control
  2. Energy Recharging & Avoiding Energy Drainage
  3. Prana Tube Activation, Recharging Mudras & Aura Clearing
  4. Breath Techniques – Ujai, Complete Breath, So-Hum & No-Breath
  5. Nadi Shodhana (The Breath of Union) – Third Eye & Pineal Awakening
  6. Babaji on the “Breathless State” through Postural Manipulation & the Councils of Light on Gratitude
  7. Nadi Shodhana Stage 2 & the Breathless State through Immersion in Prana
  8. Awakening the Kundalini Stage 1
  9. Nadi Shodhana Stage 3 & Awakening the Kundalini Stage 2


Solara Machu Picchu



via Solara An-Ra : Free Meditations – Energy & Breath Control Video Lessons


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