Evolve Your DNA with Solar Light

Connect with Solar Light in one or more of the following ways to expand your consciousness and raise your frequency/vibration:

  • Greet the Solar Light today as a living, loving being. Receive a special ray of light from it directly into your heart center to awaken it.
  • Call Solar Light to you and create a cocoon of Solar Light all around you. Surround yourself in Solar Light all day.
  • When sunlight touches your body today, sense the particles of Solar Light contained within it. Imagine that these particles of Solar Light are evolving your body.
  • Breathe in Solar Light, and with your out breath, send it to the DNA in the center of every cell in your body. Imagine you are evolving the code of life within you to take you to your next level of evolution.
  • Breathe in Solar Light to calm your emotions. With your out breath, send Solar Light to any turbulent, negative, or intense emotions. Continue until you feel calmer.
  • Surround thoughts that you do not want with Solar Light until they turn into light. Be persistent and do this every time you experience these thoughts, until they no longer exist except as Light.
  • Observe the Solar Light as it continually becomes a more beautiful and perfect light. Discover how you, too, are becoming a more beautiful and perfect light.
Sanaya Roman ~ Soul Love
Visit her website at www.orindaben.com

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