Self-Love and Self-Empowerment

Each time you make the choice of a victim, you experience victimhood. Each time you make the choice of self-love, you experience self-empowerment. That is the difference between a Being that is awake and one who is not yet awakened. And do not think about the other or others. Make that choice for you, as what is in your highest good always is in the highest good of all. The downfall is when you try to manipulate through pleasing others, trying to figure out how they want you to respond and so forth. There, you are not in your power. You are looking outside of yourself when all is within. This is the trick the ego-mind-prison plays on you. This is why we say, it is key to sit still, to take time to meditate, to contemplate, to become the observer of yourself and from that place of inner stillness, intend to spin in your own vortex of self-love and let all be magnetized to that frequency, effortlessly and seemingly miraculous.


Once we put expectation on outcome, this is where things start to get out of balance. This is what you see being played out in the old karmic template of relationship in general. You are not relating to what is, but what you expect or imagine about the other. This is another downfall all must face within oneself: repeating old patterns of self‐deception and disempowerment. When in doubt, sit and allow your inner self to bring the answers to your awareness; this means take time to listen as you sit in meditation and as you go about your daily activities. Life is a meditation. This is what the New Earth paradigm is built on – Conscious Awareness. You are not conscious one minute and unconscious the next. The New Earth paradigm is Consciousness Awakened.

It is simply a collective clearing you are undertaking, which implies forgiveness and committing to awakening to the love that you are, to opening and living in your Heart. To be the embodiment of the Love that you always have been and always will be. We remind you to keep going within for all that you need. There is nothing outside of you. Increase the love frequency within and let it be matched by the physical world. Do not chase, do not run, do not overthink and play mind‐games. If you catch yourself doing so, and you likely will on your journey of Ascension, love it all unconditionally. Love is the Key.

Those are the old ways of the self, which knew itself to be separated. You are one with All that is and ever will be. Meditate about this for a moment and let those words activate your inner remembrance through your cellular memory and activate your 12 strands of DNA so you can fully operate as the 5th dimensional being that you are dreaming yourself into being. You are starting to dream awake. That is what we refer to as being conscious co‐creators. Wake up beloved sisters and brothers of Light. Your time has come to rise and shine as the magnificent Light being that you are and always will be. The time is now. There is only the Now.


What happens as you awaken is that, you must heal and face all the aspects of you that prevents you from loving yourself unconditionally, from being your true Self. That is where it gets really interesting. We say to you fear not, all is Love. Trust yourselves. Know that you can consciously call upon celestial and heavenly assistance trough the Beings of Light and Love that you might have imagined you would want to co‐create with. Oh yes, you dreamt this dream before entering the womb of your mother. This is why we keep telling you “Relax! All is well!”. You were excited about the dream you imagined. It is all for you. This can feel unsettling at times. Nevertheless, deep in your soul you know the best is always to come. All is a matter of perception.


Just look back and see how many times things turned out far greater than you could have imagined. The times where you experienced pain, sorrow and suffering were simply created by your limited perception, your ego mind prison, but your Higher Soul Self was always watching you, gently letting you know it was time to move on. Because of attachment, you might have taken more time than it was truly necessary to let go. Nonetheless, in the end, you did let go of what was no longer in alignment with your Soul’s frequency. So what we are saying here is that suffering is always optional. However, you can learn great karmic lessons, which is why most humans go through suffering, which for most launch them unto their spiritual awakening.


As you start to awaken, you understand that you do not have to suffer. Suffering is simply a result of chasing or longing for something outside yourself. When you feel that frequency arise within you, STOP, hug yourself like never before, and say to yourself that your mind is simply tricking you into believing that only this person or situation can feed your need, desire and want. It is a LIE. You have everything you can ever fathom inside. That is your place of personal power as a spiritual being having a human experience. As long as you keep repeating the karmic patterns of dependency, you will live outside of yourself in the illusion. Go home to yourself. This is what we wish for you all.


The Ascension journey to the 5th Dimension is about becoming the Master of your Mind. To resolve and dissolve any limiting patterns, you must go into the subconscious and unconscious minds to clean them up and replace them with those that are empowering and loving and supportive. This is the mechanics of conscious living. You are that infinite potential in human form. Self-realized being. Conscious co‐creators. You are remembering yourself into being. And so it is.

Allow all that is not you, all that limits you, to dissolve into the oneness of infinite unlimited potential. All is energy. Struggle is simply energy applied in an area or channel that is not matching the desired outcome. Shift your frequency and you will release any struggles and open the paradigm of infinite possibilities. This is the yoga. Root everything within your magnificent vortex of self‐love.


It is not about control when we say Master your Mind. It is about allowing and feeling and, from that place, to love all that comes up and detach from it all. Become the observer with no judgement, and then something greater will unfold. You will have opened the door of your Higher Mind, the One who sees the bigger picture, who understand the Soul lessons you came here to learn and transcend by loving all experiences unconditionally. Trust your Soul as it knows the way.

Everything truly works for your happiness and liberation. Everything. It is a matter of being able to perceive it from that awareness. Conscious, empowering and loving choices can be made. When one feels empowered, one radiates like millions of Suns. It is your birth right to shine. Everything becomes possible as everything is possible. This is the paradigm of the 5th dimensional New Earth. Remember, you have the power to turn any event into a blessing and empowerment. That is self‐mastery. The key is Love.

As you commit to loving yourself unconditionally, co-creating a conscious connection with your Soul Self, you start softening, you start expanding into the Infinity and Love that you are. Tremendous joy, inspiration and happiness becomes your natural state of being. You learn that there is no need for struggle. Struggle is an illusory block created by the ego-mind-prison to keep you a prisoner of your own self-created matrix of limitations and obstacles of the logical mind. Step out of your matrix into your infinite potential and as you plant the seed of unconditional self-love within your heart and soul, you shall become the embodiment of an enlightened being walking the Earth. Your vibration shall uplift, heal, and balance all who come into your presence and beyond as all is one and space-time does not exist within the 5th dimension. This is what you experience as synchronicity. When your frequency starts accelerating, the manifestation process is instantaneous. Why? Because you are clear and open. Thus the Universe can respond instantaneously with the highest vibrational match that you are, which is Light.

via Spin Your Vortex of Self-Love | Gaia


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